Global Digital Production Collaborative Management

Standardized Core Products

Z-WMS Warehouse Management System

Optimize and build a new warehousing business process, achieve visual and automated warehousing management mode

Z-MES Manufacturing Execution System

Collaborative management of full process digital production to assist enterprises in achieving digital transformation and upgrading

Z-QMS Quality Management System

Realize closed-loop quality control in various aspects such as quality control, analysis, improvement, and traceability, and improve product quality

Z-TPM Total Productive Maintenance

Full process control of equipment, spare parts, fixed assets, etc., to achieve full lifecycle management of equipment

Make the Invisible Visible Make Decisions Smarter
The data generated in each link of the production process will give full play to its maximum value, and Zechuang intelligent MES makes smart production easy to land
Data Extraction
Production office paperless, real-time data summary Intelligent terminal data aggregation
Early Warning and Monitoring
Real-time control of production progress, instant warning of anomalies
Data Analysis
Data visualization, multi-dimensional interpretation and analysis
Intelligent Decision
Automatic capacity calculation, intelligent production scheduling, intelligent inventory planning
Low Investment And High Return

Reduce enterprise operating costs, assist enterprises in achieving lean production, and create high-performance production and manufacturing systems
Shorten production planning and manufacturing cycles
Reduce delivery cycle delays
Reduce paper assignments and reduce manual operation time
Improve homework efficiency
Error prevention and traceability production system with 100% accuracy. Reduce the time spent searching and matching materials
Automatic production capacity calculation,Intelligent production scheduling Intelligent inventory planning
Customer Cases

In the context of a new round of intelligent manufacturing and industrial transformation, intelliAgent manufacturing characterized by digitization, networking, and intelligence has become an inevitable direction at present.
So far, products under the Zechuang intelligent manufacturing platform have been running in over 100 customer production scenarios.

Operation And Maintenance Services

From customers to operations and maintenance, we provide integrated services throughout the entire process to assist manufacturing enterprises in their digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading